The anatomy of an experiment in open publishing! Between January and April of 2011 I released five excerpts from the book’s first draft, and you can read these below. But in July of that year I threw everything away and started the book from scratch! Still, I think eventually the excerpts will be interesting as an archive of the creative process (although I’m somewhat embarrassed by them now); and I hope they’re a little entertaining, even just as they are. As for the embarrassment, I defer to the always pithy Alain de Botton who said, “[p]eople who go on to be writers are those who can forgive themselves the horror of the first draft.”

Oh the horror, the horror!

Excerpt 1 | Friends

Excerpt 2 | Humain

Excerpt 3 | DFW

Excerpt 4 | Code & Commerce

Excerpt 5 | ProbR

p.s. Code on the excerpts pages is modified from John Michael Boling and Jonathan Vingiano’s beautiful design for the New Museum’s “Free” exhibition website. Big thanks to John for making it available!