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A Novel in Pictures

The knitting is underway. That is to say, the mysterious little cobblers who work on my novel at night while I sleep, those hardworking minions of the subconscious, are finding all kinds of lovely connections between sections of the book that surprise and delight my daytime self. While they’re busy constructing a – brace yourself […]

Happy Places

It’s been said before, and probably more poetically, but these United States are vast. Having gotten back late last night from a research trip that took me through Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, I can confirm this firsthand. (Texas was on the original itinerary but got dropped after I developed a twitch in my left […]

Battered But Not Broken

In which I use as many animated GIFs as possible in one post. Seriously guys, how did GIFs not get named Time magazine’s Person of the Year? They saw all those Olympic ones over at The Atlantic, right? The only good explanation here has to do with the petty politics of magazine publishing, and that’s […]

The Fear, It Never Disappears

As far as I can tell, the hardest thing about writing fiction is that the fear I feel upon sitting down to do it never totally goes away. Never mind that I’m going on two-and-a-half years with this novel; every day I go at it is like the first. It’s like the possibly apocryphal tale […]