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On Creative Contingency

Home stretch, people. Home stretch. I have committed to sending a “completed” manuscript, whatever that means, to an editor friend, on September 20th. That’s 84 days from now and yes, I’m counting. Having set a hard deadline I find myself constantly besieged by anxiety, an amped-up version of the sense that’s attended almost every single […]

Staying Sane in 2013

In the grand journalistic tradition of both the listicle and year-end wrap-up, I thought I’d celebrate the closing of 2013 by itemizing a few of the things that kept me going through another writing year. Not a how-to by any means, but rather a highly idiosyncratic record of one writer’s way through the great loneliness and […]

Another Year, Another Story

This is gonna be a long post kids, so strap in. Not to worry, though, it contains writerly wisdom from Junot Diaz, David Foster Wallace, Eudora Welty, and other people who’ve already published stuff, so you don’t have to take my word for it. First off, I’m back from Tin House. There were too many […]

Tin House & Creative Tokens

I’m just back from mailing off a draft of my manuscript! Okay, so it wasn’t exactly an entire draft – the last three chapters were more like rough sketches, or a “Coming up, on The Bachelor” pre-commerical-break teaser – but it’s the closest I’ve come to printing out a full copy yet. And I hear […]