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The Bachelor

Tin House & Creative Tokens

I’m just back from mailing off a draft of my manuscript! Okay, so it wasn’t exactly an entire draft – the last three chapters were more like rough sketches, or a “Coming up, on The Bachelor” pre-commerical-break teaser – but it’s the closest I’ve come to printing out a full copy yet. And I hear […]

Draft Be Not Proud

It was true back in sixth grade and it’s still true today: I never do my best work at the last minute. The only possible result is something I’m not particularly proud of. Yet, like the shale we studied in earth science class that same year, I continue to think that pressure will turn my […]

Hungry for The Real

Like most artists, I swing back and forth along the creative pendulum from absolute conviction to abject insecurity about my work. At the low end I wonder: how the hell am I supposed to write something in 2011 that actually matters? (And by matters, I mean ‘makes relevant observations of interest to other currently living […]

Meet the Main Characters, part 1

Seeing as how this is a book blog, I figure it probably makes sense right about now, my funk-soul brethren, to introduce you to the cast of Dead SULs. At the moment these are early character sketches – I’m still writing the first draft – so this is where I insert some quasi-legalese about how […]