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Gone Roadtrippin’

I’m traveling across the American southwest this week and next. My trip started out on Monday in Dallas, and with the exception of a short stop in either Arizona or New Mexico we’re on a straight shot to San Fran. By “we” I mean me, a venture capitalist, and a van of Chinese bankers. By […]

Soul for Sale

Did you know that a soul goes for $400 on eBay? Or at least it did in 2001, which, adjusted for inflation, means the going rate these days would be around $508.34. Give or take a few cents. That’s a Job Lot-size sale, if you ask me. This and a lot of other (more) though-provoking […]

If I Die (Before I Post a Status Update)

A quick reblog of this item on Nerve. I’d heard about the “If I Die” app before but never seen this promo video. I can’t decide which is worse, this or Envoy. I think they both win, if by “win” you mean “creep me the f– out.”  

Three Facebook Users Die Every Minute

Which means that by the end of 2011, 1.78 million Facebook accounts will be in purgatory. For perspective, apparently that’s the equivalent of the population of Western Australia. (I’m not going to make a joke involving the word “mate,” even though I want to.) These macabre stats come from an elaborately illustrated guide about digital […]