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If I Die (Before I Post a Status Update)

A quick reblog of this item on Nerve. I’d heard about the “If I Die” app before but never seen this promo video. I can’t decide which is worse, this or Envoy. I think they both win, if by “win” you mean “creep me the f– out.”  

When the Medium Is the Messenger of Tragedy

There’s no good way to find out someone you love died. My heart goes out to this mother, who learned of her son’s death via Facebook. I heard about this story via the Digital Death forum, which acts as a kind of clearing house for the burgeoning business of online legacy. One of the group’s […]

Presented Without Commentary

“Using the Facebook API we can take the dead’s profile and project it into environments outside of Facebook.”  

A Lesson in Startup-Focused Satire

This week I’m working on sharpening my satire chops, since Dead SULs is supposed to be funny. (Yeah, it’s not really making me laugh right now either.) I thought I’d take a moment on the blog to pick and then pick apart an unwitting company of the ilk I’m trying to invoke in the book. […]