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The Book Is Dead, Long Live the Book

I think Kevin Kelly, technology seer and Wired magazine founder, is brilliant, even if now and again his observations sound like something your crazy uncle might say after a little too much whiskey (that’s a compliment, Uncle Jack!). Today he’s expounding on the difference between books of yore and reading in the future: The primary […]

It’s Bloomsday! Get Your James Joyce On.

In more literary classics news, today – June 16th – is Bloomsday, the single day during which the action of James Joyce’s Ulysses takes place. Not having read Joyce’s stream-of-consciousness novel since high school, I got a little refresher on the topic (from Wikipedia, of course), where I was reminded that Ulysses was actually first […]

Wait, What Happened to the Narrator?

In addition to being fundamental, reading is incredibly subjective. Some people love first-person novels, while others find them annoyingly solipsistic. I happen to like books where the narrative voice keeps shifting, like David Mitchell’s jaw-droppingly brilliant Ghostwritten and Cloud Atlas, whereas another reader might get really tired of keeping track of who’s talking in any […]

Geekery for Non-Geeks

Despite appearances to the contrary, I do know that there’s a world beyond the Internet. I even visit it on occasion to go “grocery shopping,” or whatever I can buy for five dollars or fewer. (Sorry, my mom was a grammar Nazi and it’s hereditary.) As I was saying, not everyone spends most of their […]