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The Beauty of Both Limits & Ryan Gosling

Last night I tried to watch Limitless, an inane movie starring Bradley Cooper (who is, in case you weren’t aware, the Sexiest Man currently Alive). Cooper plays a blocked writer whose life turns around with the help of an illegal drug. After only a few days of taking this wunderpill NZT-48, he finishes his long-overdue […]

Adaptation, Battlestar Galactica & Charlie’s Angels. Or, Some Thoughts on the ABCs of Responsible Reconstruction.

During this recent fallow period, writing wise, I decided to catch up on t.v. serials; among those, two shows adapted from earlier broadcast runs – Battlestar Galactica (2004, née 1978) and Charlie’s Angels (2011, née 1976). One of these remakes I consider to be the best television show of all time, in the history of […]