(Un)tensing Against the Future

As a warm-up for yesterday’s writing session, I reread the first few pages of Gravity’s Rainbow – yes I’m aware of how douchey that sounds, but it’s true – and for the first time, I realized something: Pynchon’s book opens in the present tense. Then I realized something else: my book should be in the present tense, too. And once I knew it, there was no unknowing it. So of course I did what any writer does in the year 2013: I avoided what had to be done and tweeted about it instead.

Tweet 123(That last tweet was a joke. The novel’s voice is one thing that’s not changing so help me God I will beat anyone who even suggests it.)

Naturally, I put off doing anything until today, after I’d had a good sleep and a little more time to process. This may sound weird, but I actually have some sadness about leaving the current draft in the past (heh heh). But I’m also weirdly excited, despite the prospect of how much work I have in front of me. I’d like to think that the excitement is a sign that I’ve upped my literary game – anyone with a deep respect for their craft welcomes the opportunity to improve what they’re creating, and I know this has made the book better. Correction: I know this makes the book better.



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