Glenn Gould Is My Keyboard Cat

As I get closer to finishing a full first draft I’m finding it hard to turn my brain off. Not that I’m complaining; it’s a privilege and a joy to have the muse dictate words to me, and I’ll take them where and when she feels like it! But it can be hard to power down after functioning as a receiver all day, so I was happy to find a solution.

Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations are just the thing to play an enervated, overstimulated brain off to sleep; engagingly busy but soothingly gravitational, predictable in their orbit. I’ll let concert pianist Jeremy Denk articulate this better than I can:

Someone could easily fall asleep 20 minutes in, have a solid 50 minute nap (certainly enough to wake refreshed), and then, upon awakening, you might feel it sounds more or less the same. You might be confused, wonder if you’d slept at all! That’s ridiculous, you say; but you know, it could happen.

Oh man, the Goldbergs really do make for the best catnaps (pun intended). In the final analysis I find them almost, but not quite, as good as this for a feel-good sendoff.

Ten bucks says James Franco plays him in the biopic. Gould, not Keyboard Cat. Though I feel like he’d be into both and/or either. (N.B. Hollywood: call me if you’re interested in optioning this.)


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