Frankenwho and a What, Now?

First came Frankenfont, now Frankenstein remixed! Once again, I need to get a fancy friend to loan me their iPad so that I can check out what looks like a beautiful new interpretation of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece.

Frankenstein is a perfect candidate for adaptation, especially into new media, for obvious reasons. I mean, the whole meta framework of scientist-as-creator is already all set up. Which also means, I suppose, that you could really f- it up.

So I was excited to read Laura Miller’s review of this new Frankenstein app. Apparently the text is almost twice the length of the original and, depending on how you read it, can be “mournful and reflective or action-packed,” i.e., it’s actually honest-to-goodness interactive. (As opposed to the more traditional app for T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland.) Color me intrigued.

And now, I must get back to animating my own Modern Prometheus.

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