Monthly Archives: March 2012

Still on a Long, Strange Trip

I picked up a little flavor for the book’s next chapter from a flick called Magic Trip. It’s a fun documentary assembled from wacky footage of Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters during their Day-Glo period, as immortalized by Tom Wolfe’s classic, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.   Kesey describes his coterie as “too young […]

Gone Roadtrippin’

I’m traveling across the American southwest this week and next. My trip started out on Monday in Dallas, and with the exception of a short stop in either Arizona or New Mexico we’re on a straight shot to San Fran. By “we” I mean me, a venture capitalist, and a van of Chinese bankers. By […]

In Which I Go Gaga over Steal Like An Artist

Austin Kleon’s new book, Steal Like An Artist, is out now. Do yourself a favor and go get a copy right now. (In case you’re wondering, I am neither a corporate shill, nor do I stand to gain any commissions based on the following fawning review.) I hope Steal Like An Artist becomes a classic […]