Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Two Towers, Dubai Edition

For brainfood this week I’ve been reading Jim Krane’s excellent book City of Gold: Dubai and the Dream of Capitalism. It’s like an extremely entertaining real-life soap opera, an epic Dallas in the Desert. Hence my posting of this video recently commissioned by Dubai’s Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. It’s […]

In Which I Get Schooled by Mr. George Saunders

My book of George Saunders essays ran out this morning and I got sad. But then I remembered that I have a short story collection and his novella waiting for me at the public library, and I got happy again. Seriously, is there nothing this guy can’t make good? I devoured every piece in his […]

If I Die (Before I Post a Status Update)

A quick reblog of this item on Nerve. I’d heard about the “If I Die” app before but never seen this promo video. I can’t decide which is worse, this or Envoy. I think they both win, if by “win” you mean “creep me the f– out.”  

The Moby Dick Variations

Just listened to the latest episode of NPR’s Studio 360, about Melville’s Moby Dick and the artists and writers who love it. It was full of ideas ideas that touched me right where I’m working. My two favorite bits are about what you can learn from taking on a masterpiece. First the playwright Tony Kushner […]