One Book to Rule Them All

It’s that time of year again, where best-of lists are like the Kardashian klan: bitches just keep coming. 

My favorite end-of-year features are the ones that depart from the marketing mainstream (since those lists, with a few predictably outré exceptions, are pretty much identical). Like The MillionsA Year in Reading list, where writers describe their favorite reads this year (regardless of the books’ publication dates). Or The Casual Optimist’s best book covers of 2011.

As a purifying exercise I decided to narrow down my own picks to one book; I thought it might illuminate what I value most in a reading experience. So apparently I like my books existentially searching, conceptually robust, vividly lyrical, and free. (I owe you this year, Cambridge Public Library, and not just the $2.70 in overdue late charges.) The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris is the book I read this year that I just haven’t stopped thinking about. It’s gorgeous. (It came out last year but hey, my blog, my rules.)

And for the meta-mother of all best-of-2011 booklists, see the infinite scroll over at Largehearted Boy. I doff my hat to you, sir. Happy New Year!

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