Monthly Archives: December 2011

One Book to Rule Them All

It’s that time of year again, where best-of lists are like the Kardashian klan: bitches just keep coming.  My favorite end-of-year features are the ones that depart from the marketing mainstream (since those lists, with a few predictably outré exceptions, are pretty much identical). Like The Millions’ A Year in Reading list, where writers describe […]

Three Facebook Users Die Every Minute

Which means that by the end of 2011, 1.78 million Facebook accounts will be in purgatory. For perspective, apparently that’s the equivalent of the population of Western Australia. (I’m not going to make a joke involving the word “mate,” even though I want to.) These macabre stats come from an elaborately illustrated guide about digital […]

Two Novel Shortcuts

Battling a sense of urgency this week, big-time. In a complete reversal of my last blog post (because yeah, I’m deeply inconsistent like that) right now I never feel like I’m writing enough. I can see the whole novel stretched out in front of me like a gargantuan mountain to climb. Still have 11 chapters […]