Monthly Archives: October 2011

With Frankenfont, Form Follows Fiction

In the latest quirky-adaptations-of-literary-classics news (as opposed to Quirk Books Adaptation News), the Frankenfont project has reconstructed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein “using parts of incomplete fonts found in PDFs from the internet.” I’m not exactly sure why this needed to happen, but there it is. via Under Consideration

How to Write Safely in a Science Fictional World

Love this super meta description of the writing process from Charles Yu’s How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (which book happens to be, as Colson Whitehead blurbs on the cover of my copy, “cool as hell”): There is a sense in which I am the author of this book, and a sense […]

Adaptation, Battlestar Galactica & Charlie’s Angels. Or, Some Thoughts on the ABCs of Responsible Reconstruction.

During this recent fallow period, writing wise, I decided to catch up on t.v. serials; among those, two shows adapted from earlier broadcast runs – Battlestar Galactica (2004, née 1978) and Charlie’s Angels (2011, née 1976). One of these remakes I consider to be the best television show of all time, in the history of […]