Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cover Design About Things Online

I was walking by my favorite purveyor of printed matter (shout out to Harvard Book Store!) and a new release in the window caught my attention. It wasn’t actually the book I was peeping so much as its cover, which bears a striking resemblance to some of the amateur designs I’ve thrown together lo these […]

When the Medium Is the Messenger of Tragedy

There’s no good way to find out someone you love died. My heart goes out to this mother, who learned of her son’s death via Facebook. I heard about this story via the Digital Death forum, which acts as a kind of clearing house for the burgeoning business of online legacy. One of the group’s […]


Two weekends ago I did what any normal person would on a pitch-perfect New England autumn afternoon, which is spend the afternoon in a cemetery. Home to Dorothea Dix, Fannie Farmer, Buckminster Fuller, Winslow Homer, and a host of other notables, Mt. Auburn Cemetery is no normal graveyard. It’s the Rolls Royce of final resting […]

The Miracle Workers

When the Russian composer Rachmaninoff was 24, his First Symphony received its premiere in St. Petersburg. He’d written it in response to Tchaikovsky’s death, which apparently he’d taken pretty hard, and when critics panned it (one prominent composer said it would find fans in the inmates of a conservatory in hell, nice) Rachmaninoff went into […]