Pro Tools for the Drafting Process

So it’s September and I’m still here, as promised. Somehow I can’t make this writing thing go any faster than it wants to. I’m trying to channel my anxiety into the work, using it to speak metaphorically about the pace of online vs. offline life and the tensions inherent therein. But mostly I just feel anxious.

I have, however, discovered two tools that feel like they up the level of my writing practice from amateur to pro; and even if they don’t it’s probably my perception of this shift that matters most anyway.

The first is Ommwriter, a program for Mac and PC that was designed by a Barcelona-based creative agency. After you do the free download-and-install thing, you can use it to create a blank page on your computer that blocks out everything else. (You can also choose between a few different backgrounds and typefaces, or have it play Windham Hill-style music if that works for you. Which it definitely doesn’t, in my case.) This software is my new best friend for tuning into the muse.

It's like I'm already done!

The other trick I’ve been loving is transferring my draft files to the Kindle, which lets me pretend I’m reading someone else’s book and gives me a little distance in the editing process. Since Ommwriter lets you save files in .txt format I don’t have to do anything fancy except drag them into the “Documents” folder when I hook up the Kindle to my laptop, and I’m good to go. Consider it another pre-artifact, in the Craig Mod-ian sense.

So those are my latest tips. If I find an autowrite feature anywhere I’ll let y’all know.

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