Monthly Archives: September 2011

Dark Night of the Novelist’s Soul

The last few weeks have been rough. Some real depressive low points, writer’s block, getting my cellphone cut off when I couldn’t pay the bill. All the usual signposts, in short, of the creative process. I’m slowly lifting up and out, though, accepting the fact that this book will be flawed and hoping the next […]

Presented Without Commentary

“Using the Facebook API we can take the dead’s profile and project it into environments outside of Facebook.”  

Pro Tools for the Drafting Process

So it’s September and I’m still here, as promised. Somehow I can’t make this writing thing go any faster than it wants to. I’m trying to channel my anxiety into the work, using it to speak metaphorically about the pace of online vs. offline life and the tensions inherent therein. But mostly I just feel […]