Monthly Archives: August 2011

A Writing Report from the Trenches

A few weeks ago I set myself the crazy challenge of finishing this book by the end of the month. Rounding the corner into the final quarter mile, my goal seems unlikely (sad face) but I’m closer than if I hadn’t tried at all. That’s worth something, right? Whatevs, come September 2nd I’ll still be […]

A Lesson in Startup-Focused Satire

This week I’m working on sharpening my satire chops, since Dead SULs is supposed to be funny. (Yeah, it’s not really making me laugh right now either.) I thought I’d take a moment on the blog to pick and then pick apart an unwitting company of the ilk I’m trying to invoke in the book. […]

Game on, Gogol

I’ve set myself a crazy goal, which is to rewrite my entire book from word one by the end of this month. Consider it my own personal NaNoWriMo. It’s just that the roaring inside my head — mawkishly paraphrasing Rilke to insist, repeatedly, that ‘you must change your book’ — is too loud to ignore. […]