Facebook Wants You!

Everyone’s favorite social network is running a new recruitment campaign for prospective software engineers. An agency called 3Advertising put together a series of posters with the tagline, “Ship Code. Impact the world.” Have a look-see:

"Darren spent his life search­ing for his father. And found him in 30 sec­onds on Facebook."

"Mahsa fears more for her coun­try than for her life."

"Sara is donat­ing a kid­ney to a stranger she met on Facebook."

Presumably these are scenarios that have actually happened on Facebook, and they’re all positive, life-affirming things. And I want to be clear that I’m not a crank about social networking. Yes, I happen to be bringing critical thinking to aspects of our use of it, but I find the technology itself to be benign. So why do these ads make me feel funny?

Maybe it’s a stylistic thing, like the first time I saw those creepy Charles Schwab rotoscope-style commercials. And The Matrix taught us that people-made-from-code = bad, right?

Or maybe it’s because they remind me of another kind of propaganda poster.

via DesignWorkLife

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