Monthly Archives: June 2011

My name is @kirstinbutler, and I have a problem.

Here’s (one of) my dirty little secret(s): I love writing, but I love Twitter more. Or maybe more accurately, writing’s hard and Twitter’s easy; therefore I prefer to tweet. Not as elegant as Kant, but true. Those of you who use it know that Twitter’s the quick fix, the crack high. It provides an instantaneous […]

The Book Is Dead, Long Live the Book

I think Kevin Kelly, technology seer and Wired magazine founder, is brilliant, even if now and again his observations sound like something your crazy uncle might say after a little too much whiskey (that’s a compliment, Uncle Jack!). Today he’s expounding on the difference between books of yore and reading in the future: The primary […]

It’s Bloomsday! Get Your James Joyce On.

In more literary classics news, today – June 16th – is Bloomsday, the single day during which the action of James Joyce’s Ulysses takes place. Not having read Joyce’s stream-of-consciousness novel since high school, I got a little refresher on the topic (from Wikipedia, of course), where I was reminded that Ulysses was actually first […]

There’s an App for that: T. S. Eliot’s “Waste Land”

I think this is pretty cool: Faber & Faber publishers – the people behind the  award-winning Solar System iPad book – just released an iPad version of T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land. Alongside the text they’ve assembled original readings from Eliot himself, poets Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney, and actor Viggo Mortenson, among others. […]