My Literary Mashup Nightmare

Publishing house Quirk books just released the trailer for its forthcoming title, The Meowmorphosis. It’s a literary mashup, if you will, of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and the LOLcat Internet meme. In this latest interpretation of Kafka’s classic, instead of waking up in the morning as a giant bug, the protagonist now arises as… wait for it… an adorable kitten!

Quirk is the publisher behind Android KareninaPride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (full disclosure: none of which I’ve read).  I have to give them credit here for high production values and humor. It’s a funny premise. And really, I don’t have any beef with Quirk at all.

I am afraid of two things, though: 1) that they’ll finish Dead SULs before I do, and 2) that maybe what I’m writing isn’t, in the final analysis, much more complex. What if I’ve spent all this time on another novelty item for fiction fetishists? I’m terrified that I’ll be typecast, literally, as part of this genre of clever adaptations, that I’m not writing a “serious” book.

Clearly I’m overthinking things and should probably go watch Adaptation with John Malkovich again.

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  • Bruce Campbell wrote:

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies gets old pretty fast, but I certainly agree with the comment about the book’s production values. Bought a copy as a Christmas gift, and as a bibliophile I looked the hardcover and binding pretty closely. The exclusive hardcover edition we bought is, like every other mass market hardcover, faux saddle stitched, with the spine ribbon glued on and not sewn. The marbled end-papers look pretty nice, but even at the higher than normal printing resolution, not equal to real marbling. I doubt there are many book binders or printers that can do it any more.

    In the end, it requires a great love of both concepts for mash-ups like this to work well. I await, hopefully without ultimate disappointment, reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which will soon be a movie. I can hardly wait to hear someone in their 20s tell me that Lincoln was actually a real historical character. And that he probably didn’t kill vampires. Maybe.

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