Geekery for Non-Geeks

Despite appearances to the contrary, I do know that there’s a world beyond the Internet. I even visit it on occasion to go “grocery shopping,” or whatever I can buy for five dollars or fewer. (Sorry, my mom was a grammar Nazi and it’s hereditary.)

As I was saying, not everyone spends most of their free time on Twitter and Facebook like I do, thank The Lord. And it’s important to me to write a book that’s interesting and accessible to some of those people too.  (I love how I just called “them” “those people.”)

I think the main themes of Dead SULs – morality, the social construction of identity, how technology affects our lives – are of broader relevance. I want to make sure I don’t get so insular about tech-y stuff and online culture that I lose people who aren’t self-proclaimed geeks like I am. But I also know that it’s deadly to worry too much about your audience during the actual act of writing. Which is why I’m trying to find the sweet spot in the middle, somewhere between the digerati and my 93-year-old Aunt Wilda (who actually happens to be on Facebook, cuz she’s awesome, and so maybe somewhat of an outlier).

I know you can help me find it, which is why I want your comments. (And I was thrilled out of my head to get my first unsolicited feedback just the other day on this very point. Thanks Samer!)

Wherever you place yourself on the geek spectrum, I’d love to hear from you.

p.s. A total non-sequitor: the fact that this book is called Dead SULs has apparently made me an attractive target to every single SUV manufacturer in the world. Ad exchanges are breathlessly bidding in real time for my eyeballs! Girl can’t open a browser window without coming up against a Chevy Tahoe these days.

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