Hot off the (Word)Press!

It’s excerpt time again, kiddies, and this latest installment is the geekiest yet by far. It’s about crackers!

No, not the salty and delicious snack. I’m talking about the diverse community of digital savants who crack code, for both fun and profit. Which is why the latest installment of Dead SULs is called Code & Commerce.

(That’d be “Code & Commerce” for you HTML lovers out there. Cue the laugh track!)

I also want to point out a new feature on all the excerpt pages: the addition of reader questions. Basically it’s a ploy to get free feedback and editing services. After you read each section – or scroll straight down to the bottom, but that kinda defeats the purpose – you’ll find a couple of questions I’m throwing out into the ethernets. Won’t you please return my volley?

Thank you and happy reading!


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