Monthly Archives: March 2011

Geekery for Non-Geeks

Despite appearances to the contrary, I do know that there’s a world beyond the Internet. I even visit it on occasion to go “grocery shopping,” or whatever I can buy for five dollars or fewer. (Sorry, my mom was a grammar Nazi and it’s hereditary.) As I was saying, not everyone spends most of their […]

Hot off the (Word)Press!

It’s excerpt time again, kiddies, and this latest installment is the geekiest yet by far. It’s about crackers! No, not the salty and delicious snack. I’m talking about the diverse community of digital savants who crack code, for both fun and profit. Which is why the latest installment of Dead SULs is called Code & […]

Attending SXSW as an Anthropologist

Man am I glad that’s over. Last night I got back from my very first experience of the South-by-Southwest interactive conference, or “South-bye,” as its habitués say. It’s an annual get-together in Austin, Texas for techies of all stripes: self-proclaimed geeks, startup founders, fan-boys and -girls, and the sponsors that love them. And it’s like […]

Making a Book, circa 1947

“What?” You ask, “Two posts in one day?!” I had to, because this video is that kind of awesome. Encyclopedia Britannica Films (I know!) and the Library of Congress teamed up to make this marvel. It’s got everything: pedantry, sexism, typographic fetishization… It had me at its opening lines: This man is an author. He […]