Monthly Archives: February 2011

On Writing in Public

This is my first time writing a novel. Thus, it’s also my first time blogging about writing a novel. Both terrify me. I have this idea that you’re supposed to build up to a full-on book with short stories, or at least a novella. But I also know it makes no sense to write fiction […]

Draft Be Not Proud

It was true back in sixth grade and it’s still true today: I never do my best work at the last minute. The only possible result is something I’m not particularly proud of. Yet, like the shale we studied in earth science class that same year, I continue to think that pressure will turn my […]

Cheap Trick

Life’s been kinda busy lately and I haven’t been keeping up with my planned blogging schedule. Lots of guilt and remorse happening. Nonetheless I need to take today off, so I came up with a default plan for posting: when all else fails, treat it like a Tumblr! Here’s a cheap-trick link, then. I came […]