Monthly Archives: February 2011

‘An Immortal International Type’

If you’re a lucky artist, friends send proof that the project you’re working on is worth the time and effort. My pal Clifton Wiens did just that, emailing me some academic evidence he tracked down. (Among other things, Clifton is a crack freelance researcher.) It bolstered my spirit when I hit a rough creative patch […]

Hacking the Novel

Computer culture is teaching me how to write. Work from where you are, put down words, publish them online, and change what didn’t work the first time around. Iterate. It’s not the prettiest process but it works, which is what you need for a first draft. Bre Pettis and Kio Stark brilliantly articulated this in […]

It’s 1 pm. Do you know where your excerpt is?

Not having my work done when I say I will causes me massive anxiety. Some people have losing-their-teeth dreams, others have standing-before-class-naked nightmares; I wake up in a cold sweat with a deep, visceral dread of having missed an important deadline. So when it actually happens, oof. Today I was supposed to post a new […]

Take Two, Excerpt Two

After my last post you asked (okay, one of you asked – Hi Steph!) where to leave comments on the second excerpt, so I’m posting it here. Have at it… My main questions: Is the humor working? Trying too hard? And are the voices differentiated enough, dialogue-wise? Vielen Dank. Dead SULs | *New and improved!* […]