Monthly Archives: January 2011

Made by Many*

I’m more excited and nervous today than my first day of high school! I also can’t imagine this experience will cause more lasting shame or emotional scarring**, so already we’re ahead! The time has finally come for me to send my first book excerpt out into the world. That means you, Reader, are the first […]

Hungry for The Real

Like most artists, I swing back and forth along the creative pendulum from absolute conviction to abject insecurity about my work. At the low end I wonder: how the hell am I supposed to write something in 2011 that actually matters? (And by matters, I mean ‘makes relevant observations of interest to other currently living […]

Meet the Main Characters, Part II

Don’t front. I know you’ve been breathlessly waiting for this blog post! It’s time for the second and final installment in the series about the main characters of Dead SULs. Presented with further comment, then, the other principal players in my forthcoming dramedy. (Once again their corresponding counterparts from Gogol’s Dead Souls follow each character’s […]

Inspect My Gadget

I’m pretty paranoid about backing up my work. Call it OCD, but every time I get up to go to the bathroom, stretch, whatever while I’m writing, I back up my open document. I think after not getting to work on this book for so long I probably see the words as more precious than […]