Monthly Archives: December 2010

The World According to Facebook

A brilliant data visualization illustrating Facebook’s global reach was making the online rounds recently. The illuminated parts are where Facebook’s 500 million-plus users are located worldwide. Check it: The best thing about this is that it was created by a FB intern, so apparently awesomeness is among the qualifications required to do unpaid work there. […]

Crowdsourcing the Novel

Obviously when he was writing during the reign of Czar Nicholas I, Gogol didn’t have the Internet. He couldn’t have imagined that, a century and a half later, the kind of collective publishing experience he describes in  his  forward for Dead Souls would actually be possible. Reader, whosoever or wheresoever you be, and whatsoever be […]

Making the Old New, Again

Since I’m working on a contemporary adaptation of an historical work, I’ve  developed a supernatural interest in how other artists update creations, from the past, especially literary ones. The main object of my obsession right now is a show called Sherlock that debuted earlier this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s brilliant – […]

Updating Gogol for the Age of Google

This is a website for a book about a website. To clarify: this website is where I blog about a book-in-progress called Dead SULs, which is about a website you may have heard of once or twice,  Facebook. The idea for this novel first occurred to me when I read that brands and celebrities looking […]